The Mastermind Program

It has been proven time and time again that participating in a Mastermind program helps you accelerate your business growth and profitability. The benefits come from:

  1. Sharing of experiences
  2. Accountability to the group
  3. Structured learning process
Why should you join this Mastermind?
As the facilitator I bring a wide variety of experiences and skills to each Mastermind group:
  1. I received a B.B.A. in accounting in 1982.
  2. I passed the CPA exam in Texas in 1984.
  3. I earned an M.B.A. in International Business from UTA in 1992
  4. In 1987 I wrote a 220 page book titled “Modern Optometry for the 90’s: A Practice Management Guide” which sold over 5,000 copies.
  5. In 1993 I wrote the 426 page book “Mexico: The New Land of Opportunity. A Guide to Doing Business in Mexico” which sold over 5,000 copies.
  6. As CEO I took public in an IPO in March 1999 (“FLAS” symbol on NASDAQ)
  7. I have been an Adjunct Professor at UTA from 2013 to the present.
  8. I teach both the “Entrepreneurship & Small Business Management” (MANA 3325) and the capstone “Business Strategy” (MANA 4322) courses.
  9. I have taught over 2,000 students at UTA, have successfully mentored dozens of individual small business startups, and have the maturity and experience to provide insightful guidance when needed.
  10. I have written a complete online course in Entrepreneurship that is available free of charge here.
  11. I am passionate about helping business owners become more successful.

Mastermind Details

  1. Online Meetings – We will use Zoom conferencing software for the meetings.
  2. We will meet for 8 Months with 3 meetings per month – 24 meetings total.
  3. We will meet the first 3 weeks of each month. We will push the meeting to the next week when a holiday interferes.
  4. Meetings will be week day nights on either Monday or Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday starting at 6:00 PM Central time.
  5. Each Mastermind group will have a regular scheduled night of the week.
  6. There will be six (6) participants per Mastermind + myself as the Facilitator.
  7. Members are matched for both size & experience.
  8. Confidentiality – You will be expected to keep any information you learn about your Mastermind group members and their businesses confidential. All Mastermind group members will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement.
  9. Exclusivity – No competitors will be in your Mastermind group. If you are a  local brick & mortar business then no local competitors will be in your Mastermind group. If you are an online seller then no online competitor will be in your Mastermind group.

Time Required

  1. Each meeting will last 90 minutes.
  2. Readings and homework will be assigned.
  3. Advance preparation will be expected.
  4. Estimated weekly prep time is between 1-2 hours before the meeting.

Topics Covered in the Mastermind

This is a summary list of the topics that we will cover. The specifics of each Mastermind Group, based on the mix of experience, skills, and visions of the members, will dictate the details of how we will approach these 9 Strategic Management Topics.

  1. Define  – Purpose, Vision, and Mission
  2. Assess – Internal Strengths & Weaknesses
  3. Assess – External Opportunities & Threats
  4. Identify – Key Success Factors
  5. Analyze – Competitive Environment
  6. Establish – Goals & Objectives
  7. Formulate – Strategic Plan
  8. Implement – Strategic Plan
  9. Measure Results – Establish Controls

Within the 9 Strategic Management Topics we will have a heavy focus on Marketing with the following Topics:

  1. Life Time Value (LTV) Calculation
  2. Cost of Acquisition (COA) Calculation
  3. Target Audience Profile
  4. Message – Problem & Solution Definition
  5. Media Profile – Where is a Target Rich Environment
  6. Call to Action & Response Process
  7. Post Sale – Customer Support & Engagement

Cash Flow is the lifeblood of any business. Starting with the proper Capital Structure is critical to getting the business to the point where Cash Flow will sufficient sustain and grow the business. Here are the Funding & Financing Topics that we will cover:

  1. Cash Flow Projections
  2. Debt vs Equity – find the right balance.
  3. Sources of Equity – where to find and how to raise.
  4. Sources of Debt – what banks look for and how to get loans.


I unconditionally guarantee that if you complete the 8 month Mastermind program you will be fully satisfied with your decision to participate or you may request your money back and receive a full refund.