Live Case Study – What’s Your Story?

As part of your required course work for MANA 3325 you must perform an Interview of an Entrepreneur who is actively in business AT THIS TIME. You may not base your interview on a business that was formed and closed or sold in the past. It must be a currently running business.

The following is your guide to how to conduct the interview and what I want you to learn and report back on your Case Study. You should expect to write 4-5 pages with single spaced lines and paragraphs… 1500 – 2500 words total on your Case Study. If you double space you should expect to have an 8-10 page document.

DUE DATE: Due on the day your Mid Term is taken. Due at the beginning of that class period. 10 points will be deducted if not turned in on time. An additional 10 points will be deducted each additional class period it is not turned in at the beginning of.

FORMAT: Print It Out… AND… email a copy to Print your Name on the cover page. The cover page is not included in the # of pages.

NOTE: The Entrepreneur selected must meet the definition of Entrepreneur that includes being both a risk taker and an innovator. Attorneys, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Doctors, and similar business owners will not qualify. Only Owners, CEOs, Presidents, and Partners in companies will qualify. If the individual is a CEO they must also own more than 20% of the stock in the company.

Entrepreneur Contact Information Required:

  • Entrepreneur Name
  • Business Address
  • Ph#
  • Website
  • Email Address

Questions Required to Ask:

  1. What Products or Services are being sold? Describe in detail.
  2. What was the initial vision or thought or motivating circumstances that triggered the business?
  3. What is the Vision Statement?
  4. What is the Mission Statement? NOTE: If the Entrepreneur does not provide one you must provide what you believe the Mission Statement and the Vision Statement are for the business based on your interview.
  5. When was the business formed?
  6. What kind of business entity is the business?
  7. Why was that form of ownership selected?
  8. What are the Key Factors of Success?
  9. Who are the competitors? List at least 5 competitors. Perform a brief competitor analysis indicating what competitive advantages these competitors enjoy.
  10. What competitive advantage does the entrepreneur enjoy?
  11. What competitive and environmental threats does the entrepreneur face?
  12. What specific goals has the entrepreneur established for the next 1, 3, and 5 years?
  13. Is the entrepreneur succeeding at accomplishing the goals that they have thus far set?
  14. How could the entrepreneur improve their business? Provide suggestions based on your analysis of the business.
  15. Why did you choose this entrepreneur to interview?
  16. What marketing is the entrepreneur using? Is it effective? Do you recommend other choices?
  17. Tell me why you think this business will succeed, struggle, or fail over the next 2 years.